“Hyperlocal, ORGANIC ingredients” Farms: Happy Valley Chickens, Little Brook Farm, Blue Rock Farm, TNSTAAFL Farm, Fallen Oak Farm, Dancing Bear Farm, Girard’s Valley View Farm, Upinngil Farm, Maple Brook Farm, Vermont Fresh Pasta Co, OMG Farm

Takeout Hours: Friday-Sunday(added days and hours occur regularly), pick up between 5-7 pm Our hours are flexible, but we suggest PREORDERING by 4 pm(or the day before), food sells quickly at times.

Family style and catering takeout is also available! 413-863-0023

Takeout hours vary and sometimes extend into the week days. Weekly food production through Harvest Restaurant begins on Friday. Call any day to see if there’s takeout available! 413-863-0023 or text 978-340-7367

Available daily: house-made pasta sauces, BBQ sauces, and our own frozen dinners made from GFH kitchen. Prepared food for your kitchen almost every day of the week!


Harvest Restaurant Menu (add wine and beer to any order!)

Braised Spring Lamb
Farm and Forage

stewed lamb cuts, roasted root vegetables, potatoes, kale crimini mushrooms, truffle oil, balsamic reduction


Mediterranean Mushroom Tortellini

fresh cheese tortellini, creamy tomato basil mushroom sauce, olives, greens


Farm and Forage

roasted root vegetables, potatoes, kale, mushrooms, truffle oil, balsamic reduction

whole chicken $40, half chicken $25

Rice Noodle Dish

turmeric ginger vermicelli rice noodles, coconut carrot ginger, cabbage, red peppers, daikon radish, mushrooms, greens, cilantro
half chicken $25 whole chicken $40
Sub organic tofu $14


Rice Beans and Greens

organic black beans, red rice,
cilantro, scallions, red peppers,
hearty winter greens
half chicken $25 whole chicken $40
sub tofu $14

$10(single portion, no added protein)

Harvest Burritos

organic black beans, red rice, cilantro, scallions, greens, red peppers, smoked cheddar cheese, whole wheat flour tortilla
served with house-made local hot pepper sauce and Side Hill Farm sour cream
Add chicken $14



Highlawn Berkshrie Ice Cream
Batch Ice Cream
(coffee, vanilla, mocha coffee, ginger
chocolate chip black raspberr)y


Anne Pichon
(organic grapes)
France, 2018


Eric Kent
Sauvignon Blanc
Appellation Series, 2019


Local Beer/Cider

People’s Pint, Moon Hill Brewery, Red Apple Farm(cider), Hitchcock Brewery, BBC

$14/4pack 16oz can

Katalyst Kombucha Ginger Libation

$9/half gallon buch, $13/half gallon ginger

Harvest Frozen Gourmet “tv” Dinners (all dinners can be made hot and ready to eat Friday-Sunday)

Beef Mushroom Ravioli

grass-fed ground beef, crimini mushrooms, MapleBrook Farm ricotta cheese, arugula, tomato mushroom basil cream, Vermont fresh Pasta Co fresh pasta sheet
(400-425 45-60mins, lid off 10m)


Lamb Dal

slow braised stewed lamb, red lentil dal basmati rice, spinach and cilantro
(350-375 for 35-45 mins, lid off for 5)


Tortellini Bolognese

pork and beef tomato meat sauce, cream, arugula, fresh cheese tortellini, feta
(frozen: 350 35-45 mins, lid off for 5m, thawed: 350 20-25mins)


Chicken Pot Pie

roasted local chicken, homemade chicken bone-broth gravy with poultry spices, potatoes, carrots, turnip, kale, beets,
whole grain organic pie crust.
(frozen: 425 degrees 55-70 mins, lid off 15)


Mediterranean Vegetable Ravioli

marinated olives, mushrooms, greens, onions, herbs, ricotta cheese, fresh pasta, tomato vegetable cream
(400-425 45-55mins, lid off for 10mins,
cooks faster if you let thaw for an hour or so before)


Harvest take out menu

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