Dairy and Meat


All of our Dairy products are high-quality and New England produced.

Farmstead cheddar vt $10.00/lb
Maplebrook feta $9.00/lb
Maplebrook fresh mozzarella $8.50/lb
Upingill cheese $10.00/lb
Vermont farmstead cheddar $10.00/lb
Grafton smoked cheddar $10.00/lb
Thomas farm goat cheese $11.00/lb
Cabot unsalted 1 lb solid $3.50
Sidehill farm yogurt whole milk plain 32 oz. $4.00
Side hill sour cream 12oz $3.25
High lawn whole milk ½ gallon $3.50
High lawn whole milk gallon $6.00
High lawn ½ & ½ $2.25
Cream of the crop med non gmo $5.25
Organic loose med eggs dozen $4.50
Ice cream ronnybrook all flavors $5.00
Ice cream high lawn all flavors $5.50

Meats & Poultry

We offer a variety of local, humanely raised meats:

Local grass fed ground beef $9.00/lb
Local whole chicken $5.50/lb
Beef special cut $14.00/lb
Bacon nitrate free bulk $9.00/lb
Lamb ground $12.00/lb
Lamb special cut $12.00/lb
Goat ground 1 lb pk $12.00/lb
Goat special cut $12.00/lb
Italian pork sausages $10.40/pack
Pork cuts $8.00/each