Podded Parties

Craving a night out with friends and/or family in a place where you feel safe and can have delicious, locally sourced food and drink? Consider us an option!

A podded party is a gathering of your close connections, i.e. group of folks who feel comfortable hanging out together in a cozy restaurant environment. Your pod could be your family, a group of co-workers, etc.

Groups can be ten to thirty people, possibly less (call for details) and parties can be scheduled for brunch, lunch or dinner.

We do three different styles of podded party:

  1. Family Style (food is delivered to your table in bowls and on platters and passed around, just like Thanksgiving at Mom's)
  2. Buffett
  3. Served (Guests choose from a pre-selected menu in advance and are served a plated meal restaurant style)

Podded Party Contact

Please use the form below to get in touch and learn more.  We will be happy to discuss menu options and provide you with a quote.

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