Bulk Items

bags of deans beans

We are able to order bulk items for your pantry. We prioritize non-gmo, organic, fair trade, small producer foods.

all dean's beans coffee $10.75/lb $11ground
nutri yeast flakes $8.95/lb
active dry yeast $5.00/lb
farmer ground organic all purpose $1.50/lb
farmer ground organic wheat bread $2.00/lb
farmer ground organic spelt flour $1.50/lb
farmer ground organic rye flour $1.50/lb
farmer ground organic einkorn $2.50/lb
farmer ground organic einkorn berries $2.50/lb
farmer ground organic spelt berries $1.25/lb
organic buckwheat berries $1.25/lb
organic kamut $2.99/lb
organic bulgar wheat $1.09/lb
organic yellow grits $4.59/lb
organic red quinoa $1.59/lb
organic wild rice $6.39/lb
organic long grain brown rice $2.80/lb
organic short grain brown rice $2.29/lb
organic rolled oats $2.00/lb
israeli couscous tri color $3.09/lb
organic elbows $2.75/lb
organic penne $2.75/lb
organic red kidney bean $3.50/lb
organic chickpea $2.85/lb
organic navy bean $2.50/lb
organic black beans $2.00/lb
organic popcorn $2.10/lb
organic pumpkin seeds $5.10/lb
organic sunflower seeds $2.39/lb
organic sesame seeds $3.89/lb
organic hemp seeds $3.50/lb
red lentils $3.09/lb
organic lentils du puy green $3.09/lb
blueberry $17.00/lb
cherry $18.40/lb
raisins flame org $4.50/lb
dates $9.50/lb
cranberry $9.00/lb
almonds whole org $14.50lb
walnut halves org $13.00lb
pecan pieces org $10.00lb
anise (star) $38.70/lb
arrowroot $3.85/lb .
bay leaves $36.40/lb
baharat blend $15.00/lb
basil $10.95/lb
caraway seed $10.95/lb
cardamom (ground) $56.89/lb
cardamom (pods) $47.27/lb
celery seed $4.00/lb .
Chili flakes red $8.30/lb
Chili cayenne $10.49/lb
Chili (rojo adobo house made) $22.79/lb
cinnamon (stick) $13.23/lb
cinnamon (ground) $8.75/lb
clove (whole) $44.30/lb
cocoa powder $15.00/lb
coriander seed $20.35/lb
cumin seed $6.95/lb.
curry (madras house made) $27.25/lb
fennel seed $11.14/lb
fenugreek (leaf) $7.75/lb
fenugreek (seed) $7.75/lb
ginger (ground) $15.00/lb
hibiscus $10.00/lb
herbs de provence $12.60/lb
italian seasoning $12.75/lb
mace (ground)
nutmeg (whole) $37.63/lb
oregano $11.15/lb
paprika $14.79/lb
paprika smoked $10.00/lb
peppercorn black $17.80/lb
potato starch $3.50/lb
rosemary $21.00/lb
sage $28.60/lb
sumac $19.67/lb
turmeric $13.89/lb
thyme $9.25/lb

Bulk Foods