Our Menu

Hyperlocal, ORGANIC ingredients

Farms we source our food from and proprietors: Happy Valley Chickens, Little Brook Farm, Blue Rock Farm, TNSTAAFL Farm, Fallen Oak Farm, Dancing Bear Farm, Girard’s Valley View Farm, Upinngil Farm, Maple Brook Farm, Vermont Fresh Pasta Co, OMG Farm, Frizzle Hill Farm, Diemand Farm. Associated Buyers, NH, Black River Produce, VT, Marty's Local, MA, Artisan Beverage Co, Vermont Soy, BBC, MoonHill Brewing Co, Katalyst Kombucha, Honest Weight, Hitchock Brewing Co, Flying Dreams Brewing Co, Stoneman Brewing Co, Cafe Europa LLC

Soup: creamy chicken mushroom veg $6

Fresh Fig Goat Cheese Salad

local fresh figs and goat cheese(Dancing Bear Farm, Thomas Farm), arugula, pecans, pickled onions, pomegranate balsamic vinaigrette


W/ chicken $17, salmon $20, tofu 15

Mediterranean Salad

Little leaf greens, olives, feta, garlic, sun-dried tomatoes, balsamic shallot vinaigrette $10
W/ Chicken $17, Salmon $20, Tofu $15

Classic Burrito

organic black beans, adobo rojo house seasoned rice, cheddar, cilantro in flour tortilla
onside: sour cream and house-made hot sauce $10
W/ Chicken $12, Bacon $12(both $14)

Local BLT

nitrate-free Vermont bacon, Little Leaf lettuce, heirloom tomatoes, mayo, sourdough(bulky roll available)
$7(half), $12(whole)

Salmon Sandwich

seared salmon fillet, fresh arugula, pickled onions, goat cheese, bulky roll $13

w/bacon $15

Fried Egg Sandwich

bacon, cheddar, arugula, pickled onion
bulky roll, English muffin, sourdough

(Local Farms: Fallen Oak Farm eggs, Farmstead Cheddar, Thomas Farm Dairy goat cheese, Little Leaf salad greens, Maple Brook Farm feta, Murray’s+Happy Valley chicken, Vermont Soy tofu, Black River bacon)


Dine-in/Take-Out/Family Style Meals


Creamy chicken mushroom veg $6

*Seasonal Salads- see lunch menu*

Harvest Burritos

red rice, organic black beans, cilantro, greens, cheddar cheese, flour tortilla

chicken burrito $12 bacon $12(both $14)

Porcini Herb Crusted Duck

Pan roasted herb crusted duck breast, roasted root vegetables, potatoes, mushrooms, kale, truffle oil


Smoked Chicken Mole

Smoke roasted quartered local chicken, mole rice+black beans, red peppers, hearty greens, chipotle molasses reduction, cilantro


(available w/ whole chicken $50, half chicken $30, salmon $20, tofu $15)

Salmon Sesame C

Sesame crusted salmon, coconut Thai red curry rice, cabbage, carrots, onions, red peppers, greens

ginger chili honey glaze


(Available w/chicken $17, half chicken $30, whole chicken $50, tofu $15)

Amalthea's Dinner

creamy feta rice, sun-dried tomatoes, greens, olives, herbs and sumac
W/ chicken $17, half chicken $30, whole chicken $50, salmon $20, tofu $15

Farm and Forage

roasted root vegetables, potatoes, kale, mushrooms, truffle oil/balsamic reduction
W/ local chicken $17, half chicken $30, whole chicken $50, salmon $20, Vermont soy tofu $15

Harvest Brunch

(*menu items only available for dine-in brunch Sat+Sun 11am-3pm)

Breakfast Burrito

local eggs, organic black beans, cheddar cheese, cilantro, bacon, flour tortilla
sour cream and homemade hot sauce onside

Breakfast Sandwich

fried eggs, bacon, cheddar, arugula, pickled onions on your choice of bread:
bulky roll, sourdough or English muffin

Local Egg Frittatas

Mediterranean olives, mushrooms, herbs, tomatoes, greens, feta
New Englander bacon, root veggies, kale, mushrooms, cheddar
The Rancher black beans, greens, cilantro, bacon, cheddar

Add: English muffin or toast $2

Harvest Breakfast

two eggs, roasted root vegetable potato bacon hash, english muffin


Vegan Tofu Scramble

tofu, root vegetables, potatoes, kale, mushrooms, truffle oil, balsamic reduction
served with olive oil grilled English muffin

*Anne’s Breakfast

poached local eggs on English muffins, root vegetable bacon kale hash,
Dijon shallot cream $14
add poached salmon $20

*Sulan Gogi

spicy chicken bone broth, eggs, mushrooms, basmati rice, kale, cabbage, carrots, onions, seasonal vegetables